West Palm Beach Golf Lessons by Tim Feld

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Phone Number: (561) 309-3724
Email: golfswing543@yahoo.com

Golf Lessons conducted at Lone Pine Golf Club in West Palm Beach, FL located on Military Trail just south of Blue Heron Blvd.

Tim Feld is a golf instructor at Lone Pine Golf Club in West Palm Beach Florida. For the past twelve years Tim has made learning golf fun and easy during his golf lessons. West Palm Beach golfers have enjoyed Tim’s simple approach and have gotten tremendous results from his golf instruction. Students appreciate that Tim doesn’t try and rebuild golf swings. Instead during the golf lesson, Tim and the student discuss small changes that can produce excellent results. Tim’s golf lessons include video analysis, take home notes, take home video of lesson and a golf program for future practice sessions. West Palm Beach golf courses demand consistent golf shots, which is exactly what you will get from Tim’s golf lessons.

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